Did Hillary throw the 2016 Presidential election?

Hillary should have won.  I’m not saying that to mean “I wish she had won” but as a statement of fact.  She had all the advantages.  She’s a seasoned politician and her husband Bill is considered one of the best political minds in America.  She also had an enormous pile of cash and the support of the entire establishment.

NYTimes prediction on election day
NYTimes prediction on election day

So how the heck did she lose?

Well, she:

  • Alienated key voter groups
    Her bringing Debra Wasserman-Shultz into her campaign after colluding with the DNC against Sanders was insulting to all progressives.  Hillary also alienated black voters with her dismissive attitude toward Black Lives Matters.  And she famously insulted white voters by calling them “deplorables”.
  • Refused to campaign in the 3 states that she knew would decide the election
    She was urged to campaign in the three mid-western states that would decide the election.  She didn’t – despite the fact that her running mate (Tim Kaine) grew up in the mid-West.
  • Allowed Trump to take the initiative
    No experienced politician would allow an newcomer to politics to do this.  And she compounded this mistake by running as ‘NOT Trump’ instead of pushing her issues.

But wait, there’s more …

  1. Despite the hard fought and, at times, bitter race, Trump decided to pardon Hillary within days of winning the election, breaking his first campaign promise; and
  2. Despite Trump’s attempt to downplay their relationship, Trump and the Clinton’s have had a relationship for many years. Even their daughters became best friends.
Hillary supporters weep
Hillary supporters weep

What difference, at this point, does it make?
Confronted with the stark truth, most Americans eagerly show their partisan colors.  Democrat-leaning voters find excuses for Hillary and Republican-leaning voters declare that Trump won the election (he wasn’t ‘given’ any advantage).

But recognizing how our democracy is hijacked is important if we are ever to get it back.


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