Did USA test a nuke on July 4th?

The epicenter of the 6.4 California earthquake was said to be at or near to a town that is next door the US Naval Weapons testing ground (ht nottheonly1).

As it turns out, just days before, the United States accused Russia of not abiding by the Nuclear Test-ban Treaty.

What are the chances of these two events happening randomly?  Seems highly suspicious.

More on this from nottheonly1(image added):

For an amazing long time, the only earthquake response was visible on USGS. None of the other earthquake monitor networks showed anything at all. Not the 6.4 Mag and also the 7.1 Mag. They were exclusively on the USGS map. Emphasis on ‘exclusively’. One of the best global monitors is the IRIS network and there was nothing – until someone must have told them to put them up. There are grave discrepancies in the appearance of these quakes in networks other than USGS. Why?


Then, there was not one word – not a single one – that the earthquake swarm originated in an off limits military area. The ‘US NAVAL AIR WARFARE CENTER CHINA LAKE’. Not once was this fact mentioned. Why not? It’s obvious to anybody with access to a map. Why is nobody talking about the epicenter being in a military exclusion zone? Not relevant? Right.


We should recall that:

  1. Trump has said he could “obliterate” parts of Iran in a strike;
  2. Trump might’ve cleverly covered his media tracks via his fourth of July “military display”;
  3. The Trump Administration has pulled out of the INF treaty and been dismissive of UN and other treaties.

Reddit thread discussing the possibility of weapons tests as the cause of the earthquake(s).


2 thoughts on “Did USA test a nuke on July 4th?

  1. Your headline really surprised me and i didn’t think about that.

    i have heard of reports in North Korea that when they tested nuclear weapons, it shifted the mountains.

    so when you connected the two together, it really surprised me.

    maybe there would be some kind of signal that would show like some degree of radiation released if it was a nuke.




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