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Jackrabbit Blog
This blog covers a wide variety of topics but is centered on macro-economics, US politics, media, and international affairs.

Why “Jackrabbit”?

Please attribute “Jackrabbit Blog” if you quote or link.

About me
My perspective is more left than what is generally called ‘center-left’.  In part, this is due to the public’s move to the right over the last 30 years.

My background is economics and finance, and new media.  I have worked for banks and media startups.

I commented on a number of blogs before starting this one for several years.  I found that I sometimes had more to say than was appropriate as a commentator and that I would often repeat relevant info.  I tried to address this repletion by adding a link to previous comments but that was really inadequate and I’m not sure that it was helpful to anyone.

Comment Policy
I will respond to relevant comments.  I enjoy engaging with readers that are interested in the topics I write about. Abusive and/or irrelevant comments will be deleted.


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